WK-29-5171-M Video Boresight System

Warren-Knight Instrument Co. carries a variety of Boresights to fit your specific needs. Preview the various models available or take a look at our custom boresights page–where you can see the various reticle patterns, mandrel styles, and bore diameters you can choose from.


WK-23-2080 Pendulum Clinometer

A clinometer (or inclinometer) is an instrument used to determine inclination or slope. Sensitive level vials combined with precision graduated scales and verniers result in a Clinometer which is capable of giving almost any degree of accuracy desired.

Custom Design

WK-34-7000 Telemetric Alignment System

When you need to align and position machinery and equipment or materials, Warren-Knight may already have a stock product for you. If not, we specialize in custom state-of-the-art alignment systems and would be pleased to have one of our engineers discuss your requirements with you.



Electronic inclination measuring instruments, levels and sensors available through Warren-Knight Instrument Co.


Compass Tangent Jacob Staff

Warren-Knight products have been used by the U.S. Coast Guard, Navy’s, navigators and engineers worldwide for their positioning. In addition to making them, WK services alidades, protractors, sextants and various makes and models of other instruments. Please contact us with your specific requirements.



Warren-Knight can provide the real time optical tracking system you need, “off-the-shelf” or off the drawing board. Each theodolite tracking system shown has been manufactured to meet the specific requirements of various applications.

Stands & Tripods

Stands & Tripods

Warren-Knight manufactures a variety of stands, tripods and accessories to fit your specific tooling needs. Below is a list of the equipment available to you.

Optical Tooling

WK-58-9000 Telescope Mount

Optical instruments increase alignment accuracy and decrease measurement time– all while providing stable, repeatable reference lines with no deviation. The science of optical metrology and alignment, utilizing optical tools, makes it possible to achieve the highest degree of accuracy when aligning precision systems that are straight, flat, plumb or square.

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