Military-Grade Binoculars & Other Binocular Types

While a cool pair of military-grade binoculars might be a fun addition to your hunting or survival gear, if you want quality binoculars, military-type binoculars aren’t necessarily the only option to consider. In fact, understanding a bit about these optical instruments can help you determine which type is truly the … Continue reading

Levelling Instruments & The Art Of Levelling

Dumpy levels, theodolites, Abney levels, spirit levels – within the world of levelling, there are many different levelling instruments that we use for civil engineering projects, surveying, general contracting and so forth. The type of levelling equipment you need depends largely upon the task at hand. But, first, let’s discuss … Continue reading

Calibration Services & The NIST

Many companies offer calibration services, and these are crucial to ensure that your equipment is working properly. At Warren Knight, we offer NIST-traceable calibration services, and this NIST designation is an important one. Here’s why. NIST stands for the National Institute of Standards and Technology and its roots extend back … Continue reading