A clinometer (or inclinometer) is an instrument used to determine inclination or slope. Sensitive level vials combined with precision graduated scales and verniers result in a Clinometer which is capable of giving almost any degree of accuracy desired.

Properly made, mounted and applied levels, in addition to being capable of establishing extremely accurate level planes, will give accurate angles-of-elevation readings. Combined with optical reading devices, a 5 second vial can be easily read, or will indicate better than 1/4 second.

Many of these models meet precise measurement requirements, but if they do not specifically meet your needs, provide us with the details, and we can modify it for you. Provide us with specifications such as base dimensions, least angular readings, desired level vial sensitivity and any other special characteristics that would make the clinometer more useful in your particular work.

WK-23-1190 Optical Clinometer

WK-23-1990 Propeller Protractor

WK-23-2010 Vernier Clinometer

WK-23-2052 Drum Clinometer

WK-23-2054 Drum Clinometer

WK-23-2060 Quadrant Level

WK-23-2070 Pendulum Clinometer

WK-23-2080 Pendulum Clinometer

WK-23-4000 Series Block Level

WK-46-6730 Scale Ball Clinometers

Spirit Level Vials


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