Custom Design

When you need to align and position machinery and equipment or materials, Warren-Knight may already have a stock product for you. If not, we specialize in custom state-of-the-art alignment systems and would be pleased to have one of our engineers discuss your requirements with you.

Below are samples of custom designed equipment:

WK-23-3100 Wireless Differential System

WK-29-0701 Day Vision Collimator

WK-29-0709 Mini Collimator

WK-29-0718 Beamsplitter/Adapter

WK-29-29-0741 Thermal Collimator

WK-29-2000 Wye Telescope

WK-29-3100 Dioptometer

WK-29-3500 Milidioptometer

WK-29-6303 Alignment Telescope

WK-29-7000 C.W.S Gun Mount Sync.

WK-29-7110 Muzzle Breach Bracket

WK Ammunition Bracket


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