Instrument Calibration Services From Warren-Knight

Without instrument calibration, the world could literally fall apart. While that might be a bit of an exaggeration and serious issues might not happen overnight, as time passed and instruments fell farther and farther out of alignment, there would be serious repercussions.

Let’s just take one example. In the medical profession, hundreds of different devices and instruments are used to aid doctors, nurses and technicians. For instance, during laser surgery procedures, the lasers must be calibrated perfectly to ensure that the patient receives the best possible outcome.

On a more personal level, most people own at least one vehicle and these vehicles need to be properly aligned. When a vehicle is out of alignment, it can cause your tires to wear unevenly and can impact your gas mileage and even make it more difficult to drive; out-of-alignment vehicles tend to pull to one side. This may or may not impact your safety, but it certainly can impact your wallet.

Here’s yet another example. A food company produces items that require pasteurization, such as cartons of milk. This typically means the liquid must be heated to 145 degrees for 30 minutes. But, what happens if the temperature gauge is not calibrated and the actual temperature is five or six degrees off? This could mean that certain microorganisms are not destroyed and could pose a serious health risk for the company’s customers. Ensuring proper calibration often is crucial for product safety.

For instrument calibration, we basically are comparing the readings between two devices. One device is known as the Device Under Test, or DUT. This device will be the client’s, and we will bring along another device that represents a known measurement or value.

If the readings indicate that these two devices have the same or nearly the same value, the DUT will be considered to be within acceptable limits. Obviously, these “limits” will vary depending upon the type of equipment or devices that are being measured. If the readings fall out of these limits then the equipment will need to be adjusted, or calibrated, until it’s back where it should be.

At Warren Knight, we can’t help you with your tire alignment or with milk pasteurization procedures, but we do provide comprehensive instrument calibration services for a wide range of clients.

What Can We Calibrate?

Our team of experts is able to repair and calibrate any optical instrument, mechanical alignment instrument, leveling instrument or angle measuring instrument. We also are experts in the repair and service of surveying equipment, construction equipment, and other testing and calibrating instruments that are required for the complete repair, overhaul and calibration of your instrument.

We offer NIST-traceable calibration and repair to MIL-STD-45662A, ANZI 540-3. We also can help with equipment recall scheduling, metrology program requirements and calibration procedure development. Additionally, Warren Knight offers 24-hour calibration turn around.

Need Certification? We Can Help

We offer three certification classes to fit just about any need or budget. Our most affordable option provides basic certification without readings. We also can provide you with readings after calibration has been performed. For our highest certification level, we provide you with readings before and after calibration.

Equipment Rentals

In addition to instrument calibration, we’ve been crafting precision instruments for more than a century. If you have an instrument currently out of commission or just need an instrument for a special project, we may have exactly what you need. Our selection includes:

  • Automatic Levels
  • Clinometers/Inclinometers
  • Field Computers/Data Collectors
  • Laser Levels
  • Precision Levels
  • Precision Tilt Levels
  • Slope Lasers
  • Theodolites
  • Total Stations
  • Transits
  • Transit Levels
  • Many types of Tripods, Rods & Stands

We have weekly and monthly rental rates for your convenience, and if you decide you want to purchase the instrument, you can use your rental payments as credit toward your purchase.

Whether you want to rent an instrument, purchase an instrument or need instrument calibration services, the team at Warren Knight is here to help. We’ve been providing quality products and services for more than 100 years. To schedule services or ask any questions about our products, simply click on the Contact Us tab on our homepage.

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