Optical Tooling

Optical instruments increase alignment accuracy and decrease measurement time– all while providing stable, repeatable reference lines with no deviation. The science of optical metrology and alignment, utilizing optical tools, makes it possible to achieve the highest degree of accuracy when aligning precision systems that are straight, flat, plumb or square.

Warren-Knight’s complete line of optical alignment equipment and accessories includes: alignment telescopes, levels, collimators, jig transits, instrument stands, tooling bars and a vast array of supporting equipment and supplies. In the construction and erection of industrial machinery and equipment, or in the alignment of precision systems, position accuracy is extremely important.

Warren-Knight has manufactured numerous targeting, alignment and collimation instruments and systems to mount, hold and target these instruments. Some align rollers in glass and paper plants, while others align complex sighting and targeting systems on the world’s most modern battle tanks and aircraft.

Below is a listing of optical tooling equipment available:

Off-The-Shelf & Custom Adapters & Video Eyepieces

WK-31-1112 LED Illuminator

WK-49-4205 Precision Auto Level

WK-51-1000 Alignment Telescope

WK-51-2000 Spherical Alignment Telescope

WK-51-2200 Spherical Micrometer Alignment Telescope

WK-51-3000 Alignment Collimator

WK-51-4700 Auto-collimation Eyepiece Series

WK-51-9010 WYE Rotating Base

WK-58-1100 Magnetic Scale Holder

WK-58-1890 Magnetic Mirror

WK-58-8400 Target Centering Kit

WK-59-1360 Lateral Slide

WK-59-3000 Trivet

WK Telescope Mount


For additional tooling equipment, please visit:

Stands & Tripods at Warren-Knight Instrument Company
Optical Tooling at North American Survey Supply


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