Warren-Knight can provide the real time optical tracking system you need, “off-the-shelf” or off the drawing board. Each theodolite tracking system shown has been manufactured to meet the specific requirements of various applications.

Our theodolites can be enhanced with video, motordrives, PDA software (manual and automatic) and custom optical systems. Our engineers and technicians can help provide the answer and produce the system you need to solve your tracking or observation problem. We also repair, service and overhaul all makes and models of theodolites.

WK-20-8350 Telemetering Theodolite

WK-20-8400 Pilot Balloon Observation Theodolite

WK-20-8500 Observation Theodolite

WK-20-9500 Electronic Mechanical Meteorological Theodolite

WK-20-9600 Series Compact Electronic Meteorological Theodolite System

WK-20-9100 Series Electronic Meteorological Theodolite

WK-22-2090 Sight Clinometer

WK-22-2095 Ceiling Light Projector

WK-91-5410 Pibal System

Balloon Inflation Kits

Balloons (Ceiling/Pilot)


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