What’s Your Angle? A Digital Protractor Can Figure It Out

Did you hear the one about the trigonometry teacher that got fired because he was always going off on a tangent? Or what about the obtuse angle that was sad because he was never right? Ok, we could tell trig jokes for hours, but let’s get to the point. We’re here today to discuss the handy digital protractor.

Who needs a digital protractor, you may ask? At Warren Knight, we say who doesn’t need a digital protractor? This device is used by a wide range of professionals, including the following:

Building Contractors – Whether you are building the frame of a home or creating custom cabinetry or even building out a deck, angle measurement is crucial. Using a digital protractor can help you with hundreds of building tasks, including helping you cut miter angles and bevel angles for crown molding.

Roofing Contractors – When it comes to roofing, measuring angles is a big part of the project. Whether you are measuring angle cuts for rafters or perhaps installing or adjusting solar panels, a digital protractor can be a great tool.

Woodworking – While a digital protractor can help you trim wood pieces at the correct angle, you also can use a digital protractor to ensure that your saw blades are in proper alignment. You can adjust the blade to whatever angle you need using the digital protractor, and the best part is that you save time. It takes just seconds to measure and with a high level of accuracy, you won’t have to redo work due to mistakes.

Mechanics & Custom Car Fabricators – Whether you are aligning tires, fabricating a car for racing or upgrading a classic car, a digital protractor can be a crucial tool. For instance, perhaps you are creating roll cages and need to ensure that pipes are cut at a precise angle before the welding process begins. You can use that digital protractor to ensure that the pipe is at a proper angle and then mark where to make cuts.

Which type of digital protractor do you need? You will find that there are two types of digital protractors. Our digital protractors, for instance, are box protractors but there are also digital protractors with two handles that often also function as rulers.  

Our box protractors are small and lightweight and easy to use in tight quarters where a digital protractor with handles might not fit. Our WK-PRO3600 Digital Protractor and our WK-35-4490 Digital Protractor provide an instant digital display of level, angle and tilt.

The digital display eliminates the need to interpret a bubble or Vernier scale. The protractor is battery powered, with approximately 100 hours of battery life, which makes it easy to take into the field just about anywhere on the planet.

In addition to these digital protractors, we also have the WK-35-4445 Electronic Protractor which incorporates an electronic clinometer, a digital display and a four-foot-long cable. We do have cable lengths up to 200 feet, if you need a bit more. As with our digital protractors, this model also is battery powered, and no external power is needed to operate it.

Our additional leveling tools include level light meters, Abney levels, a precision frame spirit level and the Clinotronic Plus, which can be a great option if you need a high-quality tilt sensor. We also produce a variety of clinometers, including Vernier clinometers, drum clinometers and pendulum clinometers. Whether you need to measure angles or need to complete leveling tasks, Warren Knight can help. But wait, before you purchase one of our digital protractors or another leveling tool, here’s just one last math joke. Why don’t plants like math? It gives them square roots. And, for that, you are welcome.

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